22 February 2012

Establishing Company Limited in Thailand


  1. NAME; three possible names for your company are submitted to Department of Commerce to check availability, they will approved one and notify back within 3 business days.
  1. DIRECTOR(S); can be one or more in number and can be either foreigner or Thai.  The director(s) is/are the only person(s) authorized to sign on behalf of the company.  Two directors can be appointed as a control (more…)
21 February 2012
Important Things to Remember on How to Register Company in Thailand Thailand is one of the countries in Asia now that is swarmed by many foreign investors because it has a stable economic growth. It is safe for investors to invest in this country because of the positive attributes that Thailand government has now been good for businesses. Thailand also has a clear policy on the liberalization and on the free trading which is favorable to businesses and investors. To register company in Thailand it will take you more or less 60 days to finish your application. If you are planning to invest in this country you have to know how to register a company in Thailand. To register company in Thailand you have to follow the rules set by the Thai government. Among (more…)
18 February 2012
Thailand Bodyguard by Thailand Investigators The environment today is very much different. Every day, you see the news on various crimes around the world. With all these things around us, it is just right that you look into Thailand bodyguard services. A Thai bodyguard may come handy in certain situations where you doubt your security. Bodyguards are not only for individuals, but also for households. These professionals provide protection round the clock, or when you need it. We at TILA Legal offer Bodyguard Services and VIP Protection (more…)
18 February 2012
The Importance of Thailand Attorneys in Thailand Company Registration. Investment in Thailand would be profitable especially if you follow all policy and set of laws that the Thai government has set for submitting business application in Thailand. If you are not yet familiar with all the polices in putting up a new company as well as the labor code in Thailand the best person which you can ask for assistance about this matters are the Thai lawyers. There are many Thailand law firms that have the best Thailand attorneys who are knowledgeable in this field. This country is becoming stricter to foreign investors who want to make an investment in Thailand. There are many important decisions to make in putting up business in (more…)
14 February 2012
How to drive in Thailand: Thailand driving license When you need to drive in Thailand, you will need a Thailand driving license, several insurance companies in Thailand have a fine print stating that the driver should hold a valid Thai driving license to be fully covered. Thailand driving license is accepted as sort of proof that the holder is not a tourist. Having a Thai driving license will make police slightly more lenient towards the fact that expats can not carry their passport at all times. How to drive in Thailand? Thailand driving license requirements: Qualifying requirements: driving license Thailand
  • Age of 18 years or older.
  • Being of sound mind and good health
  • The (more…)


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