14 October 2021
There are so many creative business ideas that can flourish in Thailand, but one of the most interesting can be a flooring business. As Thai people are fond of designing cozy and beautiful living spaces, you can find a great audience base with ease. Moreover, the Thai government is also ready to offer several exemptions and rebates to foreigners that are interested to set up flooring business in the country. You can also avail assistance from local attorneys and agencies to complete company registration in Thailand.

Thailand is one of the top-rated locations for setting up new business. The main reason is the easy availability of raw materials and labor as well. In order to run your flooring business, you can easily find suppliers and machinery as well. People prefer (more…)
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29 September 2021
Most multinational companies around the world are looking for the best opportunities to expand their business operations to Thailand. But they often find it complicated to set up a Thai Limited Company. Rather, many of the business professionals are eager to set up branch offices in the country from where they can keep an eye on specific operations.

As per the Thai laws, the branch offices are also recognized as global companies and they are governed under Foreign Business Act (FBA). Therefore, the business owners are desired to obtain Foreign Business License in order to set up their branch office anywhere in the country. Other than this, as per Thai law, unlike regional offices and representative offices; branch offices are not restricted to do non-trading activities. The (more…)
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08 September 2021
Whether you call it the impact of a pandemic or the changing trends in the market, most people these days are looking for home services on demand. Consumers these days are willing to spend on high-quality services and this is the main reason behind the high economic growth of the country. The market size for on-demand services in the year 2017 was THB 52,680M which is now expected to grow up to THB 76,000M by the end of the year 2022.

There is an extensive range of home services that people look for in Thailand, the list includes home cleaning, plumbing, laundry care, lawn cleaning, and painting. As people are interested to avail fast and price-sensitive services, the companies can take the advantage of growing their profits by improving the service quality.

If we (more…)
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30 August 2021
It is common to find stories about lawsuits and businesses regarding intellectual property infringement on websites and newspapers. In order to ensure favorable results in such circumstances, business owners are advised to protect their ideas through copyright, patent, trademarks.

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets in the business industry these days. Being tangible in nature, intellectual property is basically a result of ideas, knowledge, and creativity. It is basically a spark that is responsible for the flames of success in the business industry and has the potential to differentiate your business from other competitors. That is why all foreign investors in Thailand are advised to follow all legal requirements for protecting their business idea. (more…)
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11 August 2021
So, you are planning to set up a new business in Thailand! This is definitely a great idea and you can ensure considerable profits in the long run. However, before beginning with your company registration in Thailand, it is important to do some basic analysis regarding the business idea.

You might have prepared a long list of business ideas and now you need to narrow it down to pick the best one. Well, the process may require you to do basic cost, feasibility, and revenue analysis to know about potential income streams. If the revenue sources are higher than the potential cost of establishing and running a business, it may be easier to consider the idea for market validation. At the same time, it may help you to eliminate all those ideas that have poor revenue streams (more…)
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