25 September 2020
Thailand is known for its historical treasures, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. Millions of people love to visit this country every year; tourism has now become one of the key elements for the economic conditions in Thailand. There are so many strategic locations with breath-taking views where tourists can spend some memorable time.

Other than this, Thailand is known for its tropical climate, mouth-watering cuisine, and relaxed lifestyle. All these amazing things do not just attract tourists into the country; rather, they also create ultimate investment opportunities. If you are planning to set up a foreign company; Thailand offers all favourable conditions along with reliable growth opportunities.

Some of you might be interested to know what makes Thailand (more…)
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28 August 2020
As opposed to common belief, setting up a new business in Thailand, being a foreigner, comes with lots of perks and benefits. If you don't know already, most people who think of moving to a different country in Asia and look forward to establishing a company of their own, Thailand is, without a doubt, their first choice and justifiably so. If you are wondering what some of these advantages are, read on.

• Supportive government
The supportive government of Thailand that provides innumerable opportunities to magnetize more direct foreign investment is nothing less than a blessing. This is why the process of company registration in Thailand is fairly easy and hassle-free. Although if you are completely new and have no clue how the set up works, we would suggest you (more…)
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14 July 2020
Although there are several great opportunities to set up a new business in Thailand, it is also important to follow some set of rules and regulations. When you want to set up a business as a foreigner, you may need to get approval for it. The chances are that you may need to find some Thai partner to register your company in Thailand.

In most countries, it is almost impossible to set up a new company as a foreigner. But there are few favorable rules and regulations in Thailand. In general, you can set up the business as a Thai limited company and obtain licenses under specific categories. In this case, the foreigner owners can own a maximum of 49% shares of the company, and the rest 51% must be distributed among one or more Thai investors. Those who are new to the country may (more…)
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29 May 2020
The most commonly recommended business structure in Thailand is a Private Limited Company. It is the best idea for the foreigner investors, and the legal formalities for the same can be completed with ease. It is good to know that the form and nature of the limited liability companies in the area are almost the same as that of Western countries. The shareholders, in this case, have limited liability towards the company’s unpaid parts of the shares, and it is preferably managed by the board of directors only.

Foreigners often get worried about legal formalities and procedures to set up business in a different country. But the great news is that the Thai government has welcoming opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world. If you have a solid business idea that can (more…)
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29 April 2020

There are so many things that attract a foreign national to set up a new company in Thailand. By establishing a Thai company, the business owner becomes eligible to purchase property in the country and can live or work here for a lifetime. The Thai government is always interested in allowing individuals to set up a new venture in the area so that they can make some positive contribution to the economy. They even provide several considerable facilities and services so that new-age entrepreneurs can set up a company with ease. 

If you are also planning to set up a Thai company, the chances are that you need to know more about how to complete the procedure. Well, first of all, it is important to know that in order to establish a new venture, one needs to fill several forms (more…)

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