20 August 2018

You should know by now that having a foreign business license in Thailand and opening an office here is not a simple process. If anything, it can be complex and sometimes very complicated. Not in a bad way, but it does come with its own fair share of challenges along the way. What you do need to figure out at this time is whether you have to pay any fees for a business license like that or not.

Normally, you do have to pay quite a lot of fees. And yes, the government does require you to pay a fee for the issuance of a foreign business license. It’s not really a huge fee, but it is a fee and it’s something that not everyone is willing to deal with.

That being said, you are imposed to pay this fee if you want to do company registration in Thailand. So it’s not like you (more…)

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16 July 2018

If there’s one thing related to company registration in Thailand that people want to know, that would definitely be how much does the company registration process take. Sometimes it can take just a little bit, other times it can be very time-consuming. Which is exactly why a lot of people find it hard to figure this out on their own. But the reality is that things are not as complicated as you may imagine.

What you do have to consider here is that each type of business will require a different amount of time for company registration in Thailand. Some businesses are easier to create than others. And some tend to be more complicated, to the point where you won’t really get the results you want without any effort. It can really pay off in the end though, as long as you know (more…)

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18 June 2018

Some company owners want to purchase or own assets when they are a part of a company. This can be a good thing to note for those that want company registration in Thailand. Is it a good idea to approach something like this, are there challenges or issues and what can you do in order to make these issues go away?

Until 1997, people from outside the country were not allowed to get assets or properties in Thailand. As you can imagine, the foreigner had to opt for a citizenship here, and it was quite the hassle to obtain something like that. Nowadays, the laws are more relaxed, and that’s maybe a good thing in this regard.

Speaking of purchasing or owning assets for the company registration in Thailand, the best thing you can do is to have a Thai national as a partner. You (more…)

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05 June 2018


Company Registration in Thailand can be the best most positive move you can make to being able to quickly start a productive business brand. Company Registration in Thailand has changed enormously, during previous years, they rarely allowed foreign set ups of companies in their stores due to certain political sensitivities of their ties with other countries. But now, with the new upgraded changes in the Thailand business law having a more understanding approach to foreign delegates who are hoping to strengthen business ties and provide a way to help the country’s economic boost by increasing foreign investments.

Benefits of Getting BOI Approvals

  • The Approved Company will be given the right to bring in foreign professionals along with their (more…)
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20 April 2018

One of the major questions that a lot of people have when they choose to do company registration in Thailand is whether they need to have capital for creating that business. As you can imagine, creating that business is extremely important, and it can definitely bring in front some major challenges if you don’t know the local law. That’s the thing you have to take into consideration, so using that is extremely important.

As you can imagine, there are some requirements in the case of company registration in Thailand. The minimum capital requirement for a Thai majority shareholder in Thailand is around 2 million baht. There’s also a government setup fee of around 7000 baht.

This may not feel like a major amount at first, but it is mandatory and you do need to take it into (more…)

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