29 April 2020

There are so many things that attract a foreign national to set up a new company in Thailand. By establishing a Thai company, the business owner becomes eligible to purchase property in the country and can live or work here for a lifetime. The Thai government is always interested in allowing individuals to set up a new venture in the area so that they can make some positive contribution to the economy. They even provide several considerable facilities and services so that new-age entrepreneurs can set up a company with ease. 

If you are also planning to set up a Thai company, the chances are that you need to know more about how to complete the procedure. Well, first of all, it is important to know that in order to establish a new venture, one needs to fill several forms (more…)

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31 March 2020
The limited liability company is a special type of business entity where investors are responsible only for the invested amount in the total company capital. This type of businesses offers more flexible choices to investors, and they find it easier to earn profits. Probably this is the main reason why limited liability companies are more suitable for entrepreneurs in Thailand. 
In order to setting up a company in Thailand, it is first important to find at least three shareholders, and the company can be ruled by only one director. The most important aspect of this type of business is that the majority of members of the board of directors must be Thai residents. You need to find people that own Thai citizenship; they can also help you in easy (more…)
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28 February 2020
Thailand is one of the most vibrant countries in the world where you can find loads of facilities for setting up a new business. Most of the industrialists and new-age entrepreneurs around the world these days are making efforts to open a new company over there. The growing trend of industrialization in the country led to a remarkable success story. Wide range of business professionals are eager to take benefits from the growing market. 
If you are also planning for setting up a company in Thailand, it is first good to go through the details below. Here we have highlighted a few interesting concepts about types of corporate entities that you can establish in Thailand:
Sole Trader:
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31 January 2020
When a foreigner thinks of setting up a company in Thailand, the first most choice is to look for a Thai limited company. Whether you want to open a hotel, bar, restaurant, beauty salon, coffee shop, spa, online business, motorbike rental service or anything else, it is first important to register your company and preferably you can go ahead with Thai limited company. 
General ownership requirements:
It is important to have almost three shareholders for setting up a Thai Limited Company where around 51% of these shares are assigned for some Thai legal entity; that can be a company or person. You can find three common exceptions to this law:
• When the company is being owned by a foreigner (more…)
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26 December 2019

If you are planning to set up a business in Thailand, it is first important to do some research on the local market. You need to understand the requirements, lifestyle, and economy of the residents; it will help you to choose the most appropriate niche for your new company. You will be happy to hear that Thailand offers a competitive platform for business professionals. At the same time, you can avail several facilities and opportunities in the area to ensure growth for the long run. 

There is a wide range of benefits of setting up a company in Thailand, it offers easy access to numbers of natural resources, along with steady growth, cost-effective workforce, and strong exports as well. Indeed, there are so many things that attract foreign investors to set up business in (more…)

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