09 May 2022
Are you willing to start a private limited company in Thailand? Well, there are so many important things that you need to understand before beginning with company registration Thailand.  One of the most common types of business entities that you can set up in the country is a private limited company. As the name indicates, such companies are limited by shares and they work as a separate entity from existing shareholders. These businesses are recognized as independent taxable entities. Therefore, the shareholders associated with a Thailand private limited company are not bound to debts or losses beyond the shared capital amount.  No matter what kind of business you want to open in Thailand, it is important to register your company with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority under (more...)
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20 April 2022
The education sector is one of the most important building blocks for Thailand's economy. It does not just support the growth rate; rather, works as a major source for nurturing talent from different corners of the world.  Reports reveal that Economic Development Board in Thailand launched a Global Schoolhouse initiative in the year 2002 with a goal to convert Thailand into a famous education hub. At present, there are more than 1200 private educational organizations and they offer an extensive range of educational courses and services while proving Thailand as the top-rated country in the education sector. Along with the academic education, the new generations in Thailand are also looking for some skill-based and vocational education including fine arts, gaming, and culinary arts.  If (more...)
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22 February 2022
We are in the middle of intense global nervousness due to a rapidly spreading disease, covid-19. Studies reveal that Thailand is ranked 6th among 195 countries on the global health security index that is used to measure a nation’s ability to deal with pandemics, epidemics, or few other health emergencies. If we talk in terms of Covid-19 recovery competence, Thailand is ranked 1st in South East Asia; however, it received 2nd rank in the entire world. With the increasing complexities due to pandemics, there is a rising demand for high-quality first-rate medical care in the country. The local residents, ex-pats, and travelers who come here for business and pleasure are looking for the best-in-class medical facilities during these critical times. Although, Thailand is already recognized as (more...)
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11 January 2022
Thailand is the hub of tech and transportation businesses in Asia. This country shares impressive transportation links with other nations via sea, rail, road, and air. If you are interested in setting up a business in Thailand, going ahead with the import and export business is definitely a great idea. However, the success of this business truly depends upon your preferences, connections, and personal experiences. Whether it is your first time making a foreign investment or you are experienced with these skills, it is important to move ahead with an adequate strategy. Many successful export and import organizations in Thailand collect products from neighboring nations, especially the goods that are not easily available in Thailand, such as drinks and food. There are plenty of ex-pats (more...)
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30 December 2021
Thailand businesses are gaining huge popularity around the world due to their top-notch product quality and reliable services. The Thai business industries these days are getting more attracted towards advanced technologies, and they are grabbing the best opportunities to include these innovations into the business. As businesses are now shifting to the internet and cloud, they are looking for some experts who can guide them on this new journey. This is the main reason why demands for the IT consulting business are rising high, and this can be a good sign for foreign investors. If you are interested in doing company registration in Thailand, it is good to start with the IT consulting profession. The idea is to offer a full-service package with Digital Strategy, IT Strategy, Roadmap (more...)
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