04 February 2012
After Starting a business in Thailand, Can I register company in Thailand at my condominium? For Thailand company registrationprocess ,If the Thai company address is a residential (not commercial) space, the building owner or Landlord will often be reluctant to sign this permission. A common reason for such refusal is that the owner does not want the business traffic in the building that would be caused by allowing the company to be situated there. Mostly question about if you rent some condominium unit in Thailand, can you register  Thai company in the unit that you rent? If the (more…)
04 February 2012
If you wish to Start a business in Thailand. The first step of the company registrationprocess is the name reservation. This process will takes approx 2-3 days. A promotor is required to supply the requested company name together with two alternative names to us TILALEGAL and we pass it to the Thai ministry of commerce. The registrar will then examine the application in order to ensure that:
  • No similar company names have previously been reserved; and that
  • The names submitted do not violate any ministerial rules.
If the name of Thai company that you wish to (more…)
03 February 2012
If you working in Thailand you have to pay tax base on your salary or your minimum salary relate with your nationality TAXABLE INCOME = Assessable Income - deductions - allowances
 Deductions allowed for the calculation of Personal income tax
03 February 2012
From April 2004, foreigners may not buy a condo in Thailand from a Thai person in a condo apartment building in which the over-all ownership by foreigners is more than 49% of the total number of units. You could let TILALEGAL check for 49% rule restricting ownership for you please go to our services to check condominium in Thailand will takes approx. 3-4 days only. "In April, 1999, the original Thai Condominium Act was amended so that foreigners could buy a condo from a Thai person regardless of the number of units already owned by other foreigners. The (more…)
03 February 2012
If I invest more than 3 million Baht, Can I get 1 year visa in Thailand? Answer: You can not get 1 year visa in Thailand if you invest 3 million Baht as details below; but you could apply for another type of visa please go to or Please click the navigation bar on the left hand side for each type of 1 year visa in Thailand visa that 3 million baht investment Visa to be cancelled As of October 1, 2006 the 3 million baht investment visa will no longer be available It has been brought to the attention of TILALEGAL that as of October 1, 2006 the 3 million baht investment visa will no longer be available. This includes bank (more…)


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