Company Registration in Thailand – the Step-by-Step Guide to Naming that Company

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 10:12 -- tilalegaladmin

Thailand is nation that is developing currently and offers all sorts of businesspeople the opportunities they need to meeting the success they dream of.  Expanding your business in the nation would be a great idea. To make it even better, you can set up a limited-company here rather than settling with an offshore company operations.

The process of company registration in Thailand is an easy one. It also comes with great benefits that you would love to be reaping from. All that you need is a great lawyer that can help you in achieving just that.  despite having a good lawyer, it is still necessary that you be aware of hoe the registration for your company is processed.

Here is a systematic guide that you can rely on as you process your Thai company registration.

Reserving that Name

The first process in the company registration in Thailand is the name reservation. Every business requires a name and you should provide the desired name along with 2 other alternatives in case your desired name is already used. If your names are not yet reserved for other companies and no minesterial rule was violated, you can reserve that name in just a matter of 2 to 3 days.

Filing Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Once the name for your company is reserved, you need to work on your MOA where all shareholders must sign the document where their names and personal details are documented along with the address of the company, registered capital and your intended business activity scope. After everyone has signed, you can proceed to the second step in the company registration in Thailand where you will submit the MOA to the intended parties.     

Registering the Tax and Vat

You need to submit all the necessary documents concerning the registration of your company’s TAX ID card and its vat certificate. To obtain that Vat certificate, you also need to ask permission from the landowner of the address of your company if you do not own it.

Opening Thailand Corporate Bank Account with Internet Banking

Once the company registration in Thailand is completed, the next step that you will take is to open a corporate bank account here in Thailand. It would be ideal to get one with Internet banking as the processing will be easier, faster and more convenient for all the parties involved. You can let your laeyer work this one out for you.  

Work Permit Application

Acquiring a Non-immigrant visa is the first thing you need to accomplish to be able to obtain the working permit here in Thailand. With great lawyers on your side to help you, this job will be simple and hassle free for you.

Starting a business in Thailand or expanding an existing one is a good step that businesspeople will be taking. With the success that it can boost for your business, it will be all worth it. With following the process of company registration in Thailand diligently, you can get the chance of grasping the opportunities that the nation has to offer for your business success. 


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