What Do You Need To Own 100% Of A Thai Company?

Tue, 07/14/2020 - 10:01 -- tilalegaladmin
Although there are several great opportunities to set up a new business in Thailand, it is also important to follow some set of rules and regulations. When you want to set up a business as a foreigner, you may need to get approval for it. The chances are that you may need to find some Thai partner to register your company in Thailand.

In most countries, it is almost impossible to set up a new company as a foreigner. But there are few favorable rules and regulations in Thailand. In general, you can set up the business as a Thai limited company and obtain licenses under specific categories. In this case, the foreigner owners can own a maximum of 49% shares of the company, and the rest 51% must be distributed among one or more Thai investors. Those who are new to the country may find it little difficult to find a reliable Thai partner. Although this limited ownership has some cons to set up business in Thailand; but at the same time, it offers numbers of benefits as well. The list of advantages includes restriction-free business engagement, ability to buy property around, lower setup cost as well. However, many other entrepreneurs might be eager to find ways to set up a fully owned company in Thailand.

Options to fully own a Thai company as a foreigner:
The most amazing news for the interested business professionals is that there are few legal ways to get 100% ownership on your company. It may appear a little time-consuming process, but it may provide you several benefits for the lifetime.

Generally, you can opt for any of these three methods for setting up a company in Thailand:
• Obtain a foreign business license.
• Registration through the Treaty of Amity.
• Board of investment promotion.

In actual, any company for which foreign ownership is more than 50%, it cannot be considered as a Thai company; rather, it becomes a foreign company. So, you may need to go through the pros and cons of owning such a business.

If we look at the first method, the foreign business license is a kind of work permit for the companies. Same as the foreigners are allowed to work in Thailand on the basis of work permit, in a similar manner, companies can have a work permit to execute their operations in the country. However, they can work in a few selected categories.

Another commonly followed option is BOI Promotion. In this case, you need to contact the professionals at the Thailand Board of Investment. The Thai government is eager to promote a certain kind of start-ups that can provide more opportunities for growth and can help in improving the economy. This choice is applicable to the industries in a few major sectors such as agriculture, mineral, light industry, chemical industry, electronics industry as well. Another choice is the US Treaty of Amity that can help interested foreigner investors to get licenses fast. They can soon start operating in the country with their unique business ideas.

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