19 March 2014

Thinking on where you would spend your retirement days? Thailand may be the best country to spend your moments while enjoying the best expat experience ever. There are many advantages you will get if you plan to stay in Thailand and get your retirement visa at the same time. Below are some of the reasons why it is so.

1) Cheap cost of living
Affordability is one of the things Thailand can offer to expatriates planning to stay during their retirement days. The nation’s cost of living is generally cheaper than in some countries. For instance, you can purchase a one-bedroom condo in central Chiang Mai for approximately $50,000 or rent it with $500 monthly payment. Other affordable and reasonable items include foods, transportation and other (more…)

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07 March 2014

Planning to setup a business in Thailand? If you have decided to plunge into the trade industry, you need to determine the basic procedures of company registration in Bangkok, Thailand. Like in other countries, there are necessary steps to be taken into consideration in order to successfully complete the company registration process. Below are the basic procedures you need to consider.

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1) Company name reservation online
The prospective entrepreneur must check the availability of the company name through the Department of Business Development’s (more…)

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26 February 2014

Are you planning to setup a business in Thailand? Thailand offers numerous advantages when you decide setting up a business here. Based on the comparative analysis of advantages of doing business in Asia, Thailand offers cost-competitive location for prospective entrepreneurs alongside the better quality of life it offers for expatriates.

Doing a business in Thailand has many advantages most particularly on the easiness in terms of duration, procedures and associated costs compared to other places. Based on a recent study of the Board of Investment, Thailand offers competitive potentials for future entrepreneurs. Below are some of the highlighted advantages of doing business in Thailand.

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03 February 2014

To err is human but it is strongly advisable to avoid common mistakes especially when setting up a limited company in Thailand. Setting up a business, no matter how big or small, is a challenging endeavor. Prospective entrepreneurs need to be very cautious in all the nitty-gritty included on the process. We have consolidated some common mistakes to avoid and not be taken for granted.

1) Failing to conduct a market research
Market research is one important essential part when setting up a Limited Company in Thailand. This is important since this will basically guide the entrepreneur on the decisions he/she makes for the company. This will essentially build the communication between the entrepreneur and the clients, making the information source clearer. (more…)

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15 January 2014

How to choose names before doing company registration in Thailand?

“Companies have spent millions of dollars choosing their brands and their brand names and they’ve been picked explicitly to have an influence on consumer,” written by a University of Alberta marketing officer. Of course, we do not recommend one to spend this much money but this is a good reminder to prospective entrepreneurs planning to create a business and do company registration in Thailand.

Naming your business is such a difficult yet important first step for an entrepreneur deciding to create a business/company in Thailand. This requires numerous necessary requisites in order to successfully complete your registration. Choosing a name is a harder task than it looks. Creativity and (more…)

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