14 July 2017

Choosing to create your own company is not something you can think of overnight. It is going to be an excruciating journey, starting from the planning and them making it legit by registration. There is a lot to think of, from the name reservation to tax registration. In Thailand, all these processes can be made so much easier and smoother with the help of a professional for these kinds of errands. Generally though, this can be done on your own, just make sure that you have the step by step procedure for easier and faster processing. Below is the step by step guide on how companies are formed for company registration in Thailand:


1.Reservation of the company name. The Business Development Office in the Ministry of Commerce is the government agency (more…)

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08 June 2017

Thailand, as it continue to grow, earned the spot as one of the fastest growing economies in the Southeast Asia. For businesses in the nation, the economy has a vast array of benefits waiting. This is the same reason as to why many foreign businesses from all over the world, are now seeking opportunities to obtain a company registration in Thailand.  They have different reasons as to why they choose the nation for their business. Here are some of the top reasons you might like to explore yourself.

Low Cost for the Business

If you are looking for an A-grade office space with competitive cost, Bangkok, Thailand would be a great choice. Compared to other cities offering it such as Singapore, Shanghai and New Delhi, this city has cheaper space cost. It (more…)

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16 May 2017

Thailand is nation that is developing currently and offers all sorts of businesspeople the opportunities they need to meeting the success they dream of.  Expanding your business in the nation would be a great idea. To make it even better, you can set up a limited-company here rather than settling with an offshore company operations.

The process of company registration in Thailand is an easy one. It also comes with great benefits that you would love to be reaping from. All that you need is a great lawyer that can help you in achieving just that.  despite having a good lawyer, it is still necessary that you be aware of hoe the registration for your company is processed.

Here is a systematic guide that you can rely on as you process your Thai company registration.


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27 April 2017

When an entrepreneur decides that he wants to create his own business, naming the company is the first step he needs to take. The task of choosing the name is an essential one albeit the difficulty. To complete its registration, you are bound to undergo various processes and an array of documents to take care of. At first glance, you may think of the task as an easy one. However, it is more difficult that what you think. You need to acquire the best option for a name that you can get. Business knowledge and creativity go hand in hand to achieve this one. The perception of your prospective customers about your business can be connected with the name of your business. Thus, before proceeding to company registration in Thailand, choose your company’s name accordingly.    


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21 March 2017

If you want to start a business, you need to know what documents you need to take care of, what licenses and permit you must get and what rules you need to follow. Of course, you also need to take care of the company registration. If you are planning to start a business in Thailand, you have to know what issues you need to take into consideration. Thailand is known for its historical treasures, hospitable people and wonderful attractions.   

The comfortable lifestyle, world-class cuisine, natural beauty, tropical climate, skilled workforce and government incentives and support are some of the reasons that attract investors to start a business in the country. Thailand is also rich in precious stones, timber and other resources. Some of the biggest industries in the (more…)

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