18 December 2017

The Internet is very useful in the business industry in the present. It is more fun and easy to do the transaction on the internet, there is a big chance that you will have many sales when you venture in E-commerce. You can offer the products and services that you have in the company not only to the customers but also in a B2B or B2G. It is ideal for those who want to limit their investment. You only need to set up a site that will highlight the products and services that you offer.

E-commerce Company Registration in Thailand is a law that you need to register your company even you are operating on the internet. The Thailand Act of Electronic transaction mandates that all e-commerce company in their county register their business.  If you have an e-commerce company in Thailand, (more…)

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20 November 2017

With the advancement of technology, we get to know the internet and the benefits that it gives us. You can get all the information that you need if you have the access to internet and have a good connection. The best thing about the internet and the advancement it brings allows us to have a free access to all the entertainment such as downloading movies and seeing funny videos, all in just one click. You cannot imagine that business will not grab the opportunity. They use the intent to promote and market the products and services of their company. 

Furthermore, they are now doing their transaction on the internet. You know it as e-commerce that you can have the freedom to transact in B2B, B2C, or B2G. However, if you are located in Thailand you have to register your e-commerce (more…)

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23 October 2017

The process of company registration is stressing to most people. This is mainly because of the many different aspects, which need to be considered and the fields, which need to be satisfied. Thus, most people end up depending on their small businesses instead of starting new ones. You will find many benefits linked to online company registration in Thailand.

A service, which is available online, which has been proven helpful, particularly to entrepreneurs is an online company registration. Prospect corporation owners would be glad to discover that registering a business can be done on the internet. Of course, this denotes never requiring leaving the comfort of their offices or homes to go to a crowded registration agency and spend time waiting on queues.


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19 September 2017

Starting a company in Thailand is easy with the help of experts, especially in processing the company registration in Thailand. This does not mean that you cannot do these things on your own, though. There are just some things that you need to know and get yourself ready with before visiting the Business Development Office in the Ministry of Commerce. Things like the type of your business can save you a lot of time and effort during the registration. To help you with that, below is the list of business types that require company registration in Thailand.


Type of business in need of company registration in Thailand

The type of company determines the process of company registration in Thailand. Identify your business type and make the process so (more…)

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10 August 2017

Thailand is a nation where great opportunities wait. However, those opportunities can be out of your grasp and might go farther from your reach if you made a mistake with how you set up your business in Thailand. Before you go with the process of company registration in Thailand, here are the common mistakes that most investors take in setting up their business. Knowing them now can help you avoid, which will then ensure that you meet the success you have gone all the trouble for. 

Picking A Wrong Location

Does your business location have the right access to your prospective customers? Is it east to access for your employees? 

In setting up any business, its location is an important factor to consider. It has a direct effect to the success or (more…)

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