Reasons to Start a Home Service Business in Thailand

Submitted by tilaadmin on Wed, 09/08/2021 - 11:04
Whether you call it the impact of a pandemic or the changing trends in the market, most people these days are looking for home services on demand. Consumers these days are willing to spend on high-quality services and this is the main reason behind the high economic growth of the country. The market size for on-demand services in the year 2017 was THB 52,680M which is now expected to grow up to THB 76,000M by the end of the year 2022.

There is an extensive range of home services that people look for in Thailand, the list includes home cleaning, plumbing, laundry care, lawn cleaning, and painting. As people are interested to avail fast and price-sensitive services, the companies can take the advantage of growing their profits by improving the service quality.

If we check the latest stats, the laundry care service segment accounts for almost 65% of the share of the on-demand home service market. It is also reported that these services contribute to GDP composition with an estimated share of 55.83% in the economic structure. The most important share is held by laundry services and it is further followed by home insecticide services and surface care.

Those who are interested to start a new business in Thailand as a foreign investor are advised to check the potential of on-demand home services first. This idea may help you establish a fruitful start-up in the country while attracting a large community base. You can start from a specific target area and then expand your business in the entire city. Home service providers that provide trustworthy experience with top-notch product collections are always trusted by end-users. As people are always occupied in their hectic office routines and family responsibilities, finding reliable home care service is always interesting.

You can start with home cleaning, garden management, lawn care, and many more. Prefer to do enough research about market condition in the target area. Once you understand the demands and needs of the audience in the local community, it will be possible to pick the right set of services to serve their needs. Make sure you hire an experienced team of professionals to provide high-quality services to the people.

In order to start with the business, you may first need to do company registration in Thailand. for this, it is better to take help from legal teams and attorneys in the area. They can guide you better regarding regulations and documents required for completing the registration process. The waiting period for the approval process may depend upon the type of services you are offering. However, the favorable rules set by the Thai government for foreign investments make the process quite simple and easier. You can also collaborate with some local marketing agencies to promote your business in the local market. This is the most trusted way to increase traffic on your platform while making people aware of your brand and niche area.

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